Herbalicious Bundle (Lucid + Quench + Lip Dose + Sprout)

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This bundle includes:

  • Lucid sweeps away dead skin cells and debris that allows the skin to absorb moisture thoroughly, helping unclog pores to prevent ingrown hair and strawberry legs.
  • Quench restores the moisture to the skin which is stripped by harsh soaps in the bath. It replenishes the skin's lipid barrier and attracts water for ultra-hydration to reveal healthy new skin cells beneath for a beautiful glow.
  • Tinted lip balm with SPF protects your lips from harmful UV rays as the delicate skin on your lips is more susceptible to sun damage than other parts of your face.
  • Sprout promotes longer and fuller eyelashes and eyebrows. Repair damaged hair and prevent breakage & fall out.  

Suitable for all skin types.


Herbalicious Bundle (Lucid + Quench + Lip Dose + Sprout)
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