ZQ's commitment to our Consumers

ZQ is dedicated to create a momentous and lasting relationship with our consumers as we always believe to build it on mutual trusted basis. We are sharing this Privacy Policy to ensure you that how we collect, use and protect your shared information. ZQ collects data to deliver you the best quality beauty products and experiences and fresh incoming from our brands.

Everything that we collect, is in chase of delivering you an enhanced beauty experience

  • We use the collected data to contour your beauty experiences with our latest products, offers and dedicated services.
  • We respect your sharing like privacy and choices as our consumers are an asset for us.
  • We cannot sell your shared data.
  • We will always inform you with any update and evolvement of our policy because the thing for us is to retain your trust.

We are describing our detailed Privacy Policy below those concerns with the types of information collected from you by your interactions with our products through our sites and advertising. How we collect, use, protect and keep secure your information and rights as our customers. It is our priority to maintain the relationship of trust and always dedicate to fulfill your expectations.

How ZQ collects DATA and INFORMATION

ZQ collects your information from your reliance on our brand, website and platforms, media and from third parties who have your permission to share it.

Why ZQ uses DATA

We use data to in-touch with you to share our beauty products, services, queries and to create splendid experiences. We use data to get your views. We use data for communications and advertisement. We can combine all the information collected through different platforms. We can do this to know about your preferences for our products, quality and services. That allows us to deliver you our best customization and better services and products.


We can share information for our essential task of our beauty missions that includes; running of our sites, business and retailing our products with third parties e.g. venders, agencies and businesses. We do not sell your personal data, for any type of independence use of your data we have to take permit from you.

Your choices

You have a right to unsubscribe from our website at any time. You have an option to on-off of interest based advertisement, SMS messaging and push notifications.

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