The First Floor is designed in Victorian style accommodating a reception where you can buy your favorite product line of Herbalicious and book appointments for services, with Hairstyling units and a waiting lounge next to it.

A corridor connects to the Makeup Room for one client at a time since we do not believe in “Mass Production of Bridal Makeup” hence giving a true individual experience to the bride.

Adjacent to this space, a Class Room for 6 people with individual vanities are designed for monthly Professional Makeup, Self Grooming and Hairstyle Classes.

Coming to the Second Floor, which is inspired by Nature and Zen, a grand space is dedicated to the Manicure/Pedicure stations next to Hair Washing Units. With a waiting lounge aside, Hair Treatment units have their own place.

Lastly, the 3 most peaceful Spa Rooms have been carefully designed with the most details of both the floors of our facility featuring the beautifully enhanced matte wooden grains, mirrors, frosted glass and glossy floor to give steamy visuals integrated with 3 different lighting options for the customers to choose from.

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